New Construction

Dad got rid of our Maze Haven and replaced it with a Cottontail Cottage.

betsy is not amused

I was not amused.

gus isn't impressed by the new cottontail cottage either

Neither was Gus.

the new cottontail cottage

Where are we supposed to hide in that thing?

Dad just never thinks these things through.



How’d You Get In Here?

Lately, dad’s been sticking his nose (or rather, his camera) into places he shouldn’t be. Like into our maze haven thingy.

betsy in the bunny maze

 …anyway, this is the inside of our hideaway. I’ve made some alterations myself of course to suit our taste. What do you think?


New Bunny Fort

Today we came out from dad’s office to find him building us a new fort:

new bunny fortress It’s pretty big! Unfortunately, dad also got rid of our beloved accordion tunnel.

We’ll see whether this replacement is any good… and if it’s not… you’d better watch out, dad!


You’re still not off the hook, dad

Dad gets an order of coffee every few weeks, and when he does, he often gives us the box it came in to play with.

betsy in the coffee box I’m enjoying this box, but don’t think for a second that it gets you off of my revenge list, dad!


Tunnel Buns

Even Gus enjoys our tunnel – but sometimes we both want to sit in it, which results in having to make some compromises with positioning.

snuggling in the tunnel Whenever dad sees us like this, he says we are being “snuggle bunnies in the bunny-love tunnel.” But he’s totally mistaken; we’re actually in the middle of a shoving match to see who gets to flop in the middle of the tunnel. Dad just doesn’t understand though – probably because our shoving matches happen in slow motion. I guess I can see why he might confuse this with “snuggling.” But he’s still wrong.

By the way, in case you were wondering, dad is still putting stuff in my ears. The vet said I have an abscess at the back of my head, at the bottom of my ear canal. The stuff being put in my ears is supposed to treat this, or so I hear. We’ll see…

Anyway, aside from being picked up far more often than I would like, I am fine – thank you everyone for asking!


Another New Toy

My mum also got me another new toy, which I really enjoy. It’s a sort of cardboard tunnel-thing.

betsy at one end of her new tunnel See? It’s really fun to race through. Especially if Gus is nearby, so I can crash into him. (For some reason, he doesn’t think this is as much fun as I do.)

betsy in her new tunnel

It’s also really good for lurking inside of – you can barely see me! And it’s long enough that it makes for a good hiding place from dad – he can’t reach inside. Bonus!

Thanks, mum!


Structurally Compromised

Dad says I have structurally compromised our Cottontail Cottage:

the cottontail cottage after a severe bunquake

betsy sees no problem with this

I don’t know what he’s talking about. CLEARLY this was the result of a severe bunquake; probably a 8.2 on the destructo-scale if you ask me.

Interestingly, now that our Cottontail Cottage has toppled over, it’s even more fun! For example, now I can hide inside and eat hay at the same time.

betsy behind the door

Nice! (Can you see me through the door?)

betsy pokes her head out

It’s still fun to poke my head out and see what’s going on. Oh, and by the way, dad gave me that hay-tube-thing the other day, saying that I needed something to “take my destructive tendencies out on.” Yeah, I don’t get what he’s talking about either.

betsy peeks around from behind the toppled cottontail cottage

The back side of the cottage is quite a mess – so much so that I wouldn’t allow dad back there to take photos (too dangerous).

Dad thinks the house is a total loss; I think it can still be salvaged. (At least, until we lose another wall!)

What do you think? Should we try to save the cottage, or just tear it down and get a new one?


New Bunny Area – But What’s the Catch?

You can imagine my surprise when I came out yesterday to find this new, larger bunny area set up in the living room:

new bunny area 1

new bunny area 2

new bunny area 3

It’s absolutely huge, but of course whenever dad and mum do something extra-nice, I always question their motives. Does this mean we’re going to the vet soon or something?

Well, as it turns out, mum and dad are going to LEAVE US for a WHOLE MONTH while they go to someplace sunny and warm – someplace called “Australia”, where mum’s family lives.

We will be stuck here with a friend of mum’s who’s going to (supposedly) give us treats.

Great. Now we’ve got a total newbie to train all over again. Do you have any idea how long it took me to train mum & dad to give me treats just right, or to make my meals just the way I like? Well, it wasn’t actually that long (because I’m that good) but still it was work that I don’t look forward to doing again.

ESPECIALLY since dad said something about us being kept in this new area all day, instead of being left to roam around the house freely. (Something about “not trusting us” while he’s not home all day…)

Fortunately, Betsy has already started looking into escape routes… but I’m not going to say any more about that just yet.

So you go have your fun, mum and dad… we’ll see how your futile attempts at containing us work out! Bunnies cannot be contained! Ha ha ha!


Gus's Newer Portrait

Something New

We came out of dad’s office (from our daily nap) to find this new thing:

the bunny catacombs

You can’t see them, but it’s got arched entrances on each side.

Mum calls it our “bunny catacomb.”

I think it’s great – I don’t even have to leave the safety of my box to eat:

betsy emerges - to eat

Ah yes, this is the life.


Betsy's New Portrait

Best Present EVER

Yesterday, dad gave me the BEST BUNNY PRESENT EVER:

betsy in her box of newspaper

That’s right – a box full of newspaper. He said I can dig and play in it as much as I like. IT’S AWESOME!

I just love pushing my nose through the paper and digging in it, and ripping the paper, and worming my way around – there’s just so much to do, it’s endless fun!

Oh, right, dad also got us a new bunny condo (a Mini Haven) too… but the box it came in had all this newspaper, and I think it’s more fun than the condo! (Gus doesn’t agree with me, but he doesn’t know what he’s missing.)

Anyway, I need to get back to my box and dig some more – the paper is just begging to be re-arranged!


Betsy's New Portrait