New Bunny Fort

Today we came out from dad’s office to find him building us a new fort:

new bunny fortress It’s pretty big! Unfortunately, dad also got rid of our beloved accordion tunnel.

We’ll see whether this replacement is any good… and if it’s not… you’d better watch out, dad!



  1. Well, the fort does have an advantage to the tunnel: you can sit on it, and if you move it over to the barricade, you might be able to climb out. We also think it is easier to chew: we had a tunnel like yours, and it moved when we chewed it, so it was hard to make progress on new portals we wanted to open. (FYI: in its current position, you can get the drapes!) Good luck!
    Bert and Mercedes Bun

  2. Well you had that tunnel for 7 months. I suspect it was about to collapse into a million tiny pieces. This one is good for – oh – we give it 5 months. Way more places to “reconfigure” so to speak. Ready, Set, GOOOOOOO……

  3. Our Mom set up both for us at the same time and although we love hiding in the tunnel, nothing beats our maze! We love hiding in it, hopping through and on it, nibbling on it and chasing one another in and out!

  4. I’m a tunnel bun myself–just don’t trust those maze thingys. That reminds me, I need to noodge Mum about bringing out my accordion tunnel again; haven’t used it in ages.

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