Another New Toy

My mum also got me another new toy, which I really enjoy. It’s a sort of cardboard tunnel-thing.

betsy at one end of her new tunnel See? It’s really fun to race through. Especially if Gus is nearby, so I can crash into him. (For some reason, he doesn’t think this is as much fun as I do.)

betsy in her new tunnel

It’s also really good for lurking inside of – you can barely see me! And it’s long enough that it makes for a good hiding place from dad – he can’t reach inside. Bonus!

Thanks, mum!



  1. She likes it so much she hasnt destroyed it — that counts for a LOT in this household!!

  2. Betsy! I have that exact same pink and green jingle toy. It is really excellent to take out my frustrations on. I bite, it jingles! I bite, it jingles!

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