New Construction

Dad got rid of our Maze Haven and replaced it with a Cottontail Cottage.

betsy is not amused

I was not amused.

gus isn't impressed by the new cottontail cottage either

Neither was Gus.

the new cottontail cottage

Where are we supposed to hide in that thing?

Dad just never thinks these things through.




  1. Derpy hoomins! Come on over, Gus and Betz, I just bought the Bunns a crinkle tunnel. They love it. And I have some sturdy, cool boxes that I am going to set up, too. I am sure that I am much much stoopider than Stupid Dad, but I am big treat giver!!!!!!

  2. My suggestion is to chew, chew, chew…..your dad will have no choice but to get you something you actually like soon.

  3. Oh c’mon Betsy! Wait til you try it!! I luv my cottage! On the weekends, I sleep on the second floor from 12-7 with no interruptions from the slaves!! I think it’s because they forget I’m in there.

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