New Bunny Area – But What’s the Catch?

You can imagine my surprise when I came out yesterday to find this new, larger bunny area set up in the living room:

new bunny area 1

new bunny area 2

new bunny area 3

It’s absolutely huge, but of course whenever dad and mum do something extra-nice, I always question their motives. Does this mean we’re going to the vet soon or something?

Well, as it turns out, mum and dad are going to LEAVE US for a WHOLE MONTH while they go to someplace sunny and warm – someplace called “Australia”, where mum’s family lives.

We will be stuck here with a friend of mum’s who’s going to (supposedly) give us treats.

Great. Now we’ve got a total newbie to train all over again. Do you have any idea how long it took me to train mum & dad to give me treats just right, or to make my meals just the way I like? Well, it wasn’t actually that long (because I’m that good) but still it was work that I don’t look forward to doing again.

ESPECIALLY since dad said something about us being kept in this new area all day, instead of being left to roam around the house freely. (Something about “not trusting us” while he’s not home all day…)

Fortunately, Betsy has already started looking into escape routes… but I’m not going to say any more about that just yet.

So you go have your fun, mum and dad… we’ll see how your futile attempts at containing us work out! Bunnies cannot be contained! Ha ha ha!


Gus's Newer Portrait


  1. Oh dear… the new bunny area looks great, but Gus… do you really mean that you are not going to miss Mum and Dad at all?? (one month Australia sounds very nice, btw..)

  2. WHAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTT posts for a month??? NOOOoooo.

    Tell that Techo-whiz weener of a human Dad to do some pre-staged posts or some virtual posts or even turn the job over to you guys. We don’t want pictures of Australia.

    Wait – here. Have them take the lap-top to Au. They have the “net” there. Then, have this half-baked bunny-sitter person take all sorts of nice digi-pix and e-mail them to Au. … and … well … you get it.

  3. Okay, Gus, you’ve got the right idea…work this for all it’s worth. You can get lots of “guilt” treats out of your mum and dad in advance and then when they’re gone you can act really sad and hit this sitter person up for extra treats to make you feel better. THEN, when your mum and dad come back, you can get some more “guilt” treats! But, the not getting to roam the house is kind of a bummer.

  4. No posts for a month? Who said anything about not posting for a month?

    Like I said, “bunnies cannot be contained,” and since when do I need dad or mum around to work the computer – I’m a super-smart bunny! I can handle it!

  5. That’s quite a spread, Gus! Mom says to tell your bipeds to have a nice holiday down under. I say tell Betsy to plot those escape routes well!

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