Tunnel Buns

Even Gus enjoys our tunnel – but sometimes we both want to sit in it, which results in having to make some compromises with positioning.

snuggling in the tunnel Whenever dad sees us like this, he says we are being “snuggle bunnies in the bunny-love tunnel.” But he’s totally mistaken; we’re actually in the middle of a shoving match to see who gets to flop in the middle of the tunnel. Dad just doesn’t understand though – probably because our shoving matches happen in slow motion. I guess I can see why he might confuse this with “snuggling.” But he’s still wrong.

By the way, in case you were wondering, dad is still putting stuff in my ears. The vet said I have an abscess at the back of my head, at the bottom of my ear canal. The stuff being put in my ears is supposed to treat this, or so I hear. We’ll see…

Anyway, aside from being picked up far more often than I would like, I am fine – thank you everyone for asking!



  1. Slo-mo shoving matches take the most skill and dexterity, anyone can use brute force. What an odd place for an abscess, we disapprove!

  2. Glad you’re feeling better, Betsy.

    Seriously, you guys are like adopted brother and sister. Snuggle bunnies, ewwwww…. you guys wouldn’t be snuggle bunnies.

  3. Awwww, but you do look so very snuggy together in that pic; I can understand how your dad might get confused.

    Mr. Mick has a tunnel just like that. He likes it a lot.

    Abscesses are nasty things. We will be thinking good thoughts for yours to go away very soon.


    We are sorry about your abscess, Betsy. We hope you’re feeling better.

    (Have you heard about the oral Heal-x? Apparently it’s a new thing. You can top off her salad with it, or whatever, but mix it into food. Treats all kinds of ailments, including tumors, abscesses, arthritis, you name it, really.)

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