I Like My New House

Of course, it requires a little minor tweaks:

betsy does some redecorating

But other than that, it’s just fine – a nice place to get away from Gus!

betsy on the second floor

He doesn’t like the second floor, so it’s all MINE!


Oh My

Dad made a lot of noise yesterday evening… I heard tearing noises and all sorts of weird noises. So naturally, once the noise stopped, I came out to take a look and – Oh my… what is THIS???

new bunny castle

That’s… really big… and… what are those holes?

new bunny castle (ground level)

Doors, maybe? Oh my, I’m going to have to get Betsy to come out and help me sniff this new thing thouroughly. Then we’ll have to chew it to make sure it’s OK.

Oh, are those new toys on the ground, too?

Dad, what have you done!

I will let you all know more once Betsy and I are done… investigating.


Grooming, and new Toys

This weekend, both Gus and I got “grabbed and groomed.” Dad is getting good at catching us, we will have to think of new ways to avoid him!

On top of that, dad cleaned our area (as he does every week, undoing all my hard work making a mess of it). But this time… there was something… new!

new bunny tube

Dad calls it the “bunny tube.” Gus checked it out first, and said it was fine, but I wasn’t so sure.

betsy is not amused

I just don’t like the color – it doesn’t match anything!!

But still, after a while I checked it out – it seems OK. And it’s fun to dig in!

Gus, on the other hand, was hogging the Bunny Temple, as usual.

gus in the bunny temple

Dad finally figured out how to place it so that we can hide properly in there. Though I prefer a simple cardboard box, the Bunny Temple isn’t a bad place to take a nap – safe and secure in the knowledge that no one can see you (as long as you don’t let your nose stick out, as Gus did).

Well, it’s almost din-din time… time to go bug dad until he feeds us!