Grooming, and new Toys

This weekend, both Gus and I got “grabbed and groomed.” Dad is getting good at catching us, we will have to think of new ways to avoid him!

On top of that, dad cleaned our area (as he does every week, undoing all my hard work making a mess of it). But this time… there was something… new!

new bunny tube

Dad calls it the “bunny tube.” Gus checked it out first, and said it was fine, but I wasn’t so sure.

betsy is not amused

I just don’t like the color – it doesn’t match anything!!

But still, after a while I checked it out – it seems OK. And it’s fun to dig in!

Gus, on the other hand, was hogging the Bunny Temple, as usual.

gus in the bunny temple

Dad finally figured out how to place it so that we can hide properly in there. Though I prefer a simple cardboard box, the Bunny Temple isn’t a bad place to take a nap – safe and secure in the knowledge that no one can see you (as long as you don’t let your nose stick out, as Gus did).

Well, it’s almost din-din time… time to go bug dad until he feeds us!



  1. That looks like such a fun place to be! And that tube is cool too – you can go in one end and come out the other … OR jump out through the middle hole! Choices, choices, choices! 😀

  2. We don’t like grooming either, we are beautiful enough without help from Her. You seem to have lots of nice toys…watch out that tube might be a time tunnel.
    -Tyler and Sydney

  3. Yah, I’d be skeptical too, at first. Got a shoebox tossed at me this morning, and I did not like that at all!
    Sure tastes good, though!

  4. We have a tube too, but it is bright green and made of plastic…Hugo likes it a lot and loves to run in and out at full speed. Sometimes we go in from different sides and met halfway…then one of us must back step…and usually it’s me!
    I like your setup…must show Hugo when he’s back today…

  5. Mum said she got the tube from that “IKEA” place and that it was really cheap so she doesn’t mind us chewing it to bits (although I don’t know about that – it isn’t very tasty).

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