Dad & Mum are Back?

Apparently dad and mum went away to Australia for the past month. I guess we didn’t notice, since the meals kept arriving on time and treats continued to be dispensed. Oh well.

When dad got back though, he showed us some pictures he took. Apparently he thinks it’s funny to tease us.

Well, it’s NOT.

giant carrots

Just to be extra-super-annoying, dad took another picture with his hand so we could see just how amazingly huge these carrots were.

giant carrots (with my hand as a reference)

This time dad took lots of pictures of yummy veggies.

veg stand at the central markets

Y’know dad, sometimes I really don’t like you.

lots of carrots

Are we done yet?

gus after waking up from a nap



My Name Written All Over It

Mum and dad have a nickname for me; they sometimes call me “little bear.” I guess because… I have brown in my fur, like a bear? Or maybe it’s because I’m ferocious like a bear?

Anyway, apparently this means that this parsley is specifically for me – sorry Gus, you’re out of luck. This one is all mine – after all, it’s got my “name” written all over it!

little bear parsley


Mid-Morning Snack

Sometimes mum puts out a mid-morning snack for us by giving us some parsley to munch on (usually after we – or more often, just Betsy – pester her by begging near the kitchen door).

gus and betsy eating their mid-morning snack

Unfortunately for us, dad was up and alert this time, doing his stupid photo thing.

bunny behinds

Do you think you’re being clever or something, dad? You’re not fooling anyone.

gus wonders why breakfast hasn't been served yet

Now put that camera down and give me some treats.

Or, y’know, you could take a video of us eating. I guess that’s OK too. Just don’t interrupt us, OK?


Power Outages Are No Excuse

Listen, dad, I don’t care if we just got some big, early, unexpectedly heavy snowstorm that knocked down trees and branches everywhere and left 2.5 million people in the NJ/NY/CT area without power (including us, until just tonight). That is NO EXCUSE for bringing us breakfast LATE.

buns are not bothered Next time, I expect you to get up on time and feed us on schedule. Got it?


Where’s Dinner?

Sometimes dad is really late with dinner, and we have to give him subtle hints that it’s time to feed us.

where is dinner This one usually works pretty well. The double-dose of disapproval really gets his attention.

I can happily report that just after this picture was taken, dinner was served.



Feed Us Or Else

Sometimes the service around here is a little slow. When it gets too bad, we have to take drastic measures. Like this:

gus and betsy - up to no good Feed us now or else!

We can threaten to chew mum’s shoes, or the couch, or just give dad the evil eye. It usually works pretty well – for example, shortly after this picture was taken, breakfast was served.

gus and betsy eating breakfast Much better. OM NOM NOM NOM.

p.s. In case anyone wants to know, Betsy is doing OK (as you can see), but she still has the facial paralysis problem and she is still getting the medicine in her ear, which she hates. She has another week of treatment to go, so we’ll see how she is then.


More Bunny Food Porn

For some reason, dad took pictures of our food again today.

bunny food porn 2 Oh my.

bunny food porn 1 I think dad is just trying to tease us. Because that just looks so yummy, and now I’m hungry!

In fact, I think I’m going to go eat some hay and wait for dinner (even though it’s waaaay too early). Bye!!


Eating Hay in the Sun

Betsy and I were enjoying nomming on some tasty hay the other morning, when dad saw us and said he just “had to take a picture.”

Honestly, I don’t know why – we’re just nomming on some yummy grass hay, which we do all the time – but whatever.

At the very least I can pass on some hay-nomming tips.

eating hay in the sun - 1

Here we are, looking at dad (to make sure he isn’t secretly bringing us some treats). Note the hay scattered all over the floor around the bowl – THIS IS CRUCIAL. No, it doesn’t make it taste any better, but it drives humans crazy, so it’s well worth doing.

eating hay in the sun - 2

To get the best bits of hay, it’s important to stick your head right down into the middle of the bowl. If possible, wiggle your head to push your way down through the hay to get the good bits. While you are at it, you can use this opportunity to help scatter some of the less-tasty bits onto the floor. Your humans will love this.

eating hay in the sun - 3

Finally, when you  have a nice big mouthful of hay, sit there and eat it while scowling at the people taking pictures of you.

Then, simply repeat until the bowl is empty, then go chew someone’s shoes to let them know that it’s time to give you more hay!

Works every time.