My Name Written All Over It

Mum and dad have a nickname for me; they sometimes call me “little bear.” I guess because… I have brown in my fur, like a bear? Or maybe it’s because I’m ferocious like a bear?

Anyway, apparently this means that this parsley is specifically for me – sorry Gus, you’re out of luck. This one is all mine – after all, it’s got my “name” written all over it!

little bear parsley



  1. While normally I would encourage the concept of “all for one and none for all others”, I can’t help but speak out in support of my fellow gentlebun Gus and ask that you at least let him have a few nibbles. After all, it’s only parsley–if you’re going to claim dibs on anything, it should be something worth the effort, like bananas…or papaya…or kale…dang, now I’m hungry…

  2. You sure are a silly Little Bear 🙂 If you and Gus are anything like my pair, I defy you to try to eat it all without sharing it with him!

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