Eating Hay in the Sun

Betsy and I were enjoying nomming on some tasty hay the other morning, when dad saw us and said he just “had to take a picture.”

Honestly, I don’t know why – we’re just nomming on some yummy grass hay, which we do all the time – but whatever.

At the very least I can pass on some hay-nomming tips.

eating hay in the sun - 1

Here we are, looking at dad (to make sure he isn’t secretly bringing us some treats). Note the hay scattered all over the floor around the bowl – THIS IS CRUCIAL. No, it doesn’t make it taste any better, but it drives humans crazy, so it’s well worth doing.

eating hay in the sun - 2

To get the best bits of hay, it’s important to stick your head right down into the middle of the bowl. If possible, wiggle your head to push your way down through the hay to get the good bits. While you are at it, you can use this opportunity to help scatter some of the less-tasty bits onto the floor. Your humans will love this.

eating hay in the sun - 3

Finally, when you  have a nice big mouthful of hay, sit there and eat it while scowling at the people taking pictures of you.

Then, simply repeat until the bowl is empty, then go chew someone’s shoes to let them know that it’s time to give you more hay!

Works every time.



  1. Oh they do the “dooting while they eat” thing, but I think he didn’t mention it because he doesn’t want to let me know which one of them is the one who’s always doing it. (Much to my dismay, especially just after I clean their area!)

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