Big Lettuce

The other day dad came home with this HUGE head of lettuce. It was enormous – it was as big as I am!

the big lettuce

Just look at the size of that thing!

You’d think it was some sort of mutant lettuce thing, but dad only buys organic lettuce, so I guess it was just… really, really big!

buns investigate huge lettuce head

It is easily as big as I am.

Of course, Betsy and I could devour it in a single day if left to our own devices, as dad well knows.

gus wonders if this is for him

That’s why I asked dad, “is this for me?”

Of course, he said “no” and that he was just taking pictures for comparison since it was such a big head of lettuce.

gus closely examines the huge head of lettuce

But it’s OK – I chinned the lettuce to mark it as mine so dad wouldn’t forget.

What a big head of lettuce!


Gus's Newer Portrait


Dad says I eat my carrots “weird.”

gus and carrot

He says I should hold them in front of me, and that eating them when they are on my side like this “must be awkward.”

gus and carrot 2

Somehow, I think no matter how I eat my carrot I’d still end up with a bright orange paw.

gus and carrot 3

But honestly, who has time for thinking about how to hold your food when there’s a carrot to be eaten?? *OM NOM NOM NOM*

I do love my carrots!


Gus's Newer Portrait

I Love My Mummy!!!

Last night, my mummy came home with DANDELION GREENS!!! MY FAVORITE!!!

Dad said he’s tried to find them for us, but that they’ve been hard to find lately – whatever, dad. Mum found them. That makes mum 100x better than you.

I love dandelion greens… YUM!

Betsy's New Portrait