Dad & Mum are Back?

Apparently dad and mum went away to Australia for the past month. I guess we didn’t notice, since the meals kept arriving on time and treats continued to be dispensed. Oh well.

When dad got back though, he showed us some pictures he took. Apparently he thinks it’s funny to tease us.

Well, it’s NOT.

giant carrots

Just to be extra-super-annoying, dad took another picture with his hand so we could see just how amazingly huge these carrots were.

giant carrots (with my hand as a reference)

This time dad took lots of pictures of yummy veggies.

veg stand at the central markets

Y’know dad, sometimes I really don’t like you.

lots of carrots

Are we done yet?

gus after waking up from a nap




  1. Your dad and mum went away on a trip and didn’t bring anything back for you but pictures of food that you can’t eat?! I’m surprised you let them back into the house.

    My mum says she hopes it was a great trip; I say it’s only a great trip if I get treats at the end of it. Foo’ humans.

  2. Glad to see you are back now that Mom and Dad returned from Down Under. At least our Mommy brings us the lettuce she photographs in her garden. Tell your hoomans to stop teasing you.

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