Side-By-Side Snuggling

side by side snuggling

Dad took this picture last night. Gus was scared because dad was eating something that had bacon in it – and he hates the smell of bacon. It didn’t bother me, so I let him stay close. Still, it was kind of cramped in there… but oh well.


Betsy’s New Portrait

The Scary, Loud, Vacuum-thing

Dad came into his office (also known as “our play area”) today with that loud, scary vacuum thing. I don’t like it because it’s very loud (Gus says it makes him feel all tense and scared, what a wuss), and when dad came very close to me, I showed him how much I didn’t like it by nudging it with my nose. That’ll show him!

Of course, then I ran away into the living room (as Gus had done much earlier – leaving me behind!). That thing is loud!


Betsy’s New Portrait

What’s for Dinner?

Our usual dinner menu is:

  • 2 Kashi original 7-grain snack crackers (one for me and one for Betsy)
  • Parsley
  • Dandelion greens (if mom can find them)
  • Kale
  • Romaine lettuce
  • Red leaf lettuce
  • A carrot (split it two, so Betsy and I don’t have to fight over the same piece)

Dad sometimes says we’re “spoiled,” but I have no idea what he’s talking about.


Gus’s New Portrait

Late Breakfast – AGAIN!

Our breakfast was late AGAIN today. It seems like every few days (I haven’t been counting carefully, but I’d guess it’s about 5) both mom and dad get up very late.

In the words of that famous rabbit Cinnamon, I do not approve! 

This morning, mom didn’t even get up before dad to give us our treats. So we had to get our treats from dad, and although he can be stingy with the papaya tablets sometimes, today he was pretty good. Still, we were hungry and waiting! It’d been, what, 10, 11 hours since dinnertime!

To encourage dad to give me my breakfast – er, I mean, to get our breakfast – I started tossing my jingle ball around. That got his attention, and he finally brought breakfast.

If only dad left the bedroom door open at night, we could hop in and wake daddy and mummy up when it’s time for breakfast, instead of having to wait around.

I’m going to have to talk to Betsy; maybe we can figure out a way to dig through the door or something.


Gus’s New Portrait

The New Year Thing

Late last night, dad said “Happy New Year, Gus!” I didn’t even notice that it was the new year. Being a rabbit, I don’t pay much attention to dates like that – we live more in the here and now. Although I notice the time – and both mom and dad got up QUITE late this morning!

But I guess I’ll let it slide this time.

Happy New Year, to bunnies and non-bunnies alike.


Gus’s New Portrait

Back Home after Christmas

I am glad to be home again.

I really did not like the car ride – it scares me so much. And I hate that carrier – I know how dad puts me in there when he says I’ve been bad. Mostly after I dig in the carpet. I really hate it.

But it was nice to hide under the bed when we got there. The whole place smelled like “cat.” I saw the cat once or twice, but he was scared of us. We’ve met him before. He’s a big wuss. (I heard that he was even afraid of the guinea pig who used to live there!)

Gus seemed to settle in OK, but I never liked that place. There wasn’t carpet everywhere – there were strange patches where there was bare wood floor, and that is very slippery and I can’t get a good grip to run (in case someone comes to pick me up). And dad had blocked off all the interesting places & things I wanted to hide in and chew on.

Most of the time I just snuggled with Gus under the bed. It was nice to know that he was there. (And let me say again, I do enjoy being under the bed!)

I saw a few new people there as well – they came to say “hi.” But I didn’t like them. I didn’t know their smell or their looks and that scares me. Gus said it wasn’t too bad, you just had to keep your eyes open in case they tried to touch you or pick you up. But I guess I’m just not that confident – I don’t like having strangers around me!

As I said, I’m very, very glad to be home now. I just love lounging under my chair, or stretching out in the bunny fort. Oh it is good to be home!

Well, it’s getting late in the day, so it’s nap time for me. Goodbye for now!


Betsy’s New Portrait

Home Again

I am SO glad to be home!

Spending a week away from my bunny castle is not much fun. The car ride itself (all 4 hours of it) was just horrible. Betsy was so anxious to get out by the end that she was trying to dig her way out through the plastic car carrier.

Though there was one good bit about being away from home – we were allowed under the bed!!

We also got a different litter box – this one was very big. I liked having all that space. If a bunny’s home is his castle, then his litter box is his throne!

I did have to jump on the bed once or twice to get mom and dad to wake up and feed me in the morning, but overall they were pretty good about keeping to my schedule.

One night, dad brought both Betsy and I downstairs – we didn’t like being carried all that way! And then we found the most wonderful place to hide – behind the Christmas tree – and dad chased us out! I think he thought we’d chew the wires. I know I wasn’t going to do that, but you never know with Betsy.

After the first try, dad blocked the tree with presents, but I knew that I could climb over them – so I did! He wasn’t very happy about that one. Dad had to chase me out with a roll of wrapping paper – I didn’t want to get out from there, it was very fun!

After that, we pretty much settled into a routine of sleeping under the bed, looking for things to chew (dad blocked off most of the interesting places), and eating our hay, greens, and pellets.

Once the week was up, we were packed up in the car AGAIN. But this time wasn’t so bad – I knew we were going home. Oh, and once we got here… it was so wonderful! My own litter box again, my own hiding spots with everything already chin-marked with my scent… Oh it’s good to be home!


Gus’s New Portrait

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Last night, my dad sat down with me and gave me a bunch of really nice pats (on my nose – my favorite spot!). While he was doing this, he told me that we’re going to be going away for a week, and that we’re going to have to take a long car drive – AGAIN! Ugh!

But he promised that we’d have a neat place to play in while we’re away, and we’ll even be allowed to go under a bed! I know Betsy will be excited to hear that.

So I guess we’ll all be away from home for a while and I won’t be able to write down what happens. But maybe dad will keep notes for me for when we get back.


Gus’s New Portrait

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