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My New Domain

So, we moved to a new house.

Mum and dad say things aren’t quite all unpacked or set up yet, but as long as my food bowl & litter box are in the right spot, I don’t mind. Besides, I’ve got lots of chinning & sniffing to do.

Oh, and I also need to sit and admire my new domain.

gus and his domain

betsy wonders if I'm just taking a photo or if I've got treats

Oh, right, sorry Betsy… I mean “our” domain.

gus sitting at the (slightly unfinished) end of the livingroom

Sorry, what’s that, dad? “Your” house? Ha ha ha, nope! It’s MINE!

Now bring me some treats.


gus portrait

What Do You Mean, “Moving?”

Wait, what do you mean by “moving?” I didn’t give you permission to move!

buns are displeased with the lack of furniture

We’re just going to sit here until you put all the furniture back the way it was.

gus and betsy chillaxin one last time in their old favorite spot

Even though dad says we’re not moving far, and that we’ll have a yard to play in (while supervised), a garden to grow food & treats for us, and a bigger house to explore, I’m still not happy with the changes.


gus portrait


More of our Wild Cousins

Lately there have been a lot of our wild cousins around the house. Dad likes trying to take pictures of them, but little does he know that these are only the ones we let him see.

wild rabbit looks back at me

Even at a great distance, a bunny is alert to you, dad!

preparing to leap

wild rabbit runs away

Boing! Your time is up. No more bunny for you, dad!

little wild rabbit in the grass at dusk

We’re always here. Always watching. And always disapproving.

little wild rabbit

You can’t escape the watchful eyes of the bunny!

little wild rabbit in the grass by the fence

That’s enough for now, I think. Wouldn’t want to tip our paw early.


gus portrait