Bunnies in Motion

So, dad’s been playing around with some new fangled “vine” video thing. Despite the name, you can’t eat it – which is very disappointing.

But it can show short videos of us, and that makes it all worthwhile.


gus portrait

More of our Wild Cousins

Lately there have been a lot of our wild cousins around the house. Dad likes trying to take pictures of them, but little does he know that these are only the ones we let him see.

wild rabbit looks back at me

Even at a great distance, a bunny is alert to you, dad!

preparing to leap

wild rabbit runs away

Boing! Your time is up. No more bunny for you, dad!

little wild rabbit in the grass at dusk

We’re always here. Always watching. And always disapproving.

little wild rabbit

You can’t escape the watchful eyes of the bunny!

little wild rabbit in the grass by the fence

That’s enough for now, I think. Wouldn’t want to tip our paw early.


gus portrait



Oh, what’s that dad? You’ve got a treat for me? A bit of apple? Yes, I’ll take that now please:

sharing some apple with gus


giving gus some apple


What, that’s all? No more? Meh, then I’m done with you.

gus with his bum against the leg of a plant stand


gus portrait

A New Place to Nap

So, recently I’ve been trying out a new place to take my afternoon naps.

gus chillaxin in his new spot

What? I don’t think there is anything wrong with this location – although dad was rather surprised.

gus lying in a new spot - under the potted plant

Actually, surprising dad was kind of the point of this exercise. I like to keep him on his toes.

gus with his bum against the leg of a plant stand

This position in particular really confused dad.

Or, in other words: Mission Accomplished.


gus portrait

The Importance of Good Grooming

Grooming is very important – especially if you’re a bunny.

gus doing some grooming

You need to groom all the way down your sides.

gus washing his foot

And don’t forget to groom the bottom of your feet!

gus napping under the dining room table

Of course, after doing all that grooming it is perfectly acceptable to take a nap. Grooming is hard work, after all!


gus portrait

Annual Easter Reminder

Every Easter, I like to remind people of an important fact that often gets overlooked this time of year – namely, that bunnies are not toys, and should not be given like toys at Easter.

gus - bunnies aren't toys

This is something that’s a bit personal to me, since I was given to some kids for Easter, who later abandoned me in a parking lot. Fortunately for me, mum saw this happen and rescued me – but every year there are many, many more of my bunny brethren who aren’t so lucky.

Which is why I go to such great lengths to remind people that giving a real, live bunny rabbit as a toy or gift is probably not the best idea.

betsy - you're not thinking of giving a real bunny

Of course, if you asked dad, he’d also mention all the “work” that he supposedly has to do, and how vet bills can add up, and how so on and so forth. And I’m sure mum would also mention something about chewing & furniture, but I wouldn’t know anything about that (that’s Betsy’s specialty).

betsy - not just a pretty face

But whichever way you look at it, a bunny is a living animal, not a toy, and we aren’t temporary, either – we can live for 10 years (I’ve just passed my 8th birthday).

So if you’re thinking about getting a bunny for Easter, please think twice about it. So many people aren’t prepared for what taking care of a grown rabbit means – and if you’re not prepared, I would beg you not to get a live rabbit at all – instead, stick with the chocolate kind.

And if you do decide that you’re ready to bring a bunny into your life, perhaps consider adopting one instead? You’d be saving the life of a bunny who’s probably been abandoned – maybe even another Easter bunny, like me.


gus portrait