Dinner Nomming

Obviously he takes way too long in preparing it, but eventually dad does bring us dinner.


OK, thanks for dinner dad! …Now go away.


gus portrait






4 responses to “Dinner Nomming”

  1. brandi Avatar

    They are very enthusiastic about those herbs. Always good to see a bunny with a hearty appetite.

  2. speedyrabbit Avatar

    Thats Speedy’s favorite too!xx Rachel

  3. Mr. Mick (and Jade) Avatar

    Humans are always ridiculously slow with the food dispensing. I should never have to see the bottom of my food dish for more than 5 minutes.

  4. Shadowydreamer Avatar

    Tsk, good help is always so hard to find. You pay him by letting him live in your home and look upon your wonderfulness and he just slacks and slacks. Hoomans, can’t live with them and due to lack of thumbs, can’t live without them.