Yummy Greens!

Dad says he grew these greens in his own garden, just for us! Thanks, Dad, they taste great… now, could we get some more?



The nice thing about the carpet here is that I can really dig in and get traction for a good run.

Everybunny loves a good run now and again!




Mum and dad always get really excited when they see me jump in the air (they call it a “binky”), but I don’t see what’s so exciting about it – I’m a bunny; of course I can jump!

Dad was especially excited when he was able to film me doing it. Now if only he’ll let me jump behind the couch, hmmmmmmm….


Follow Me

C’mon, dad, follow me, the treats are over here…

That’s right, now put the stupid camera down and GIVE ME TREATS!!