Goodbye, Delilah

I can’t believe I’m typing this, but we lost Delilah today.

She was not well on Saturday – listless and not eating – so we took her to the emergency vet. They found that she had liver lobe torsion, and needed emergency surgery. We of course would do anything for our buns, so we gave the go ahead and one very long night later, she was recovering. But she came out of it badly anemic and with decreased liver function, so she got a transfusion… but shortly after that she suffered cardiac arrest and passed away.

We are completely heartbroken. We took Chuck to see her and say goodbye, but nothing will erase the “Big D” shaped hole in our hearts.

Binky free, Delilah… I love you so, so much, and I’ll miss you forever.

Final Message From Dad

Yesterday, July 28th, at around 1:30pm, we suddenly and unexpectedly lost Betsy while she was under anesthesia for a (fairly) routine operation (taking care of her teeth).

Needless to say we are devastated and heartbroken. Our home will not be the same without bunnies, and it will never be the same as it was with Betsy and Gus.

It is some comfort to think that Betsy is with Gus now, binky-ing free on the other side of the rainbow bridge – but we still miss her (and Gus) all the same.

Thank you to everyone who read this blog and who offered us condolences – both now and when Gus passed earlier this year.

Gus, you were our darling little boy – and Betsy, you were our sweet little girl. We will miss you both and will always remember you.

gus sleeping in the sun  sleepy betsy beside the chair

snuggle bunnies

Binky free, my buns.

Goodbye, Gus

Gus suddenly wasn’t feeling good this weekend, and though mum & dad took him to the vet right away, Sunday morning he couldn’t get up very well and he was very cold – so I snuggled up to him to try and keep him warm. But mum & dad said it wasn’t enough, and he had to go to the emergency room – but he didn’t come back.

It’s a little weird now not having to fight over the best bits of dinner, or squeeze past anybun in the cardboard tunnel, but mum & dad have been talking to me a lot and giving me lots of pats (no thanks) and treats (yes please).

Mum & dad seem pretty upset, but I’m not too worried about it – I’ll see Gus again someday.

Goodbye, Gus – I’ll leave some pellets in the bowl for you (but the kale is mine!).


betsy face closeup

Our Friend Freckles is Gone

Our friend (and fellow conspirator in bunny mischief) Freckles is gone.

This makes me very sad. I always saw a lot of myself in Freckles – I think we were kindred spirits or something. We kind of looked the same (sort-of) and we both liked to destroy things like phone books! (So what if that makes me a kindred spirit with almost every bunny out there?)

Me and Gus and Dad and Mum all send our sympathies to Freckles’ mum, Deb.

Freckles, we’ll miss you, but we’ll see you again someday!


Our Friend Hans is Gone

Our Internet-buddy Hans (from Furrybutts) is gone.


This makes us (and our dad and mum) very sad. Even though we never sniffed him, we still think of our Internet bun-friends the same as our we’ve-sniffed-your-butt friends.

We’re sending comforting and soothing thoughts to everyone back at Furrybutts (bunnies and humans included). Take care, guys.

With all our sympathies,

-Gus (and Betsy, and mum, and dad)

Gus's Newer Portrait

Goodbye, Hugo!

We learned this morning that our friend Hugo has gone to the rainbow bridge. It’s always hard to see one of our furry friends go away, but it’s especially hard when they look just like me!

We wanted to send nose bumps to Miss Eve and Hugo’s human, but dad tells me that you can’t send nose bumps via e-mail (something about “nose bumps can’t be base64 encoded,” whatever that means). So, Miss Eve and Hugo’s human, if you were here, we’d give you nose bumps.

We’ll miss you, Hugo, but we’ll see you again someday!!


Gus's Newer Portrait

One of our friends has moved on

Our friend Archi-Ann died.

We know that she’s on the other side of the rainbow now, frolicking with El-ahrairah in endless fields of dandelion greens.

But still… we will miss her. She was a bun with ‘tude!

Betsy would like to say, to Archi’s Mum, that if you’d like a bunny snuggle she’ll be happy to make an exception to the “don’t touch me” rule just for you.