One of our friends has moved on

Our friend Archi-Ann died.

We know that she’s on the other side of the rainbow now, frolicking with El-ahrairah in endless fields of dandelion greens.

But still… we will miss her. She was a bun with ‘tude!

Betsy would like to say, to Archi’s Mum, that if you’d like a bunny snuggle she’ll be happy to make an exception to the “don’t touch me” rule just for you.






7 responses to “One of our friends has moved on”

  1. D.C. Moll Avatar
    D.C. Moll

    We miss Archi Ann too, cyberspace will be little more empty without her.
    -The Spots

  2. Lando Bun Avatar

    We will certainly miss her rabbitude!

  3. The Bunns Avatar

    That is a great idea Betsy .. we’ll come along too .. if a little bunny cuddle helps, then a lot must be even better! We miss Archi at our house too.

  4. Freckles and Deb Avatar

    That’s pretty generous of Betsy! We are really going to miss Archi Ann too! What a spunky gal!

  5. Hugo and Miss Eve Avatar

    Can we join in too? We’re keen on petting hands anyway, and we’d do it even more if it is to help out Archi Ann’s mum. Our mum rains salty drops too… We miss Archi Ann!!

  6. archi's mum Avatar

    Betsy i just realized i missed coming to this and thanking you for your sacrifice and kind offer. i would love to cuddle you for a bit. in fact after archi went to the bridge i entered into riena and zinger’s penned out area (kinda like your prison) and close it behind me so big dumb puppy couldn’t get in and sat with them. they hopped all over me and zinger licked me, he likes to lick, and they comforted me too. thank you all for your love and support!

  7. Betsy Avatar

    No problem. Just don’t tell my mum – she’ll think I’ve gone soft!