Our Friend Hans is Gone

Our Internet-buddy Hans (from Furrybutts) is gone.


This makes us (and our dad and mum) very sad. Even though we never sniffed him, we still think of our Internet bun-friends the same as our we’ve-sniffed-your-butt friends.

We’re sending comforting and soothing thoughts to everyone back at Furrybutts (bunnies and humans included). Take care, guys.

With all our sympathies,

-Gus (and Betsy, and mum, and dad)

Gus's Newer Portrait


  1. Boy .. we are BEHIND on your business there. We miss our buddy Hans too .. he captured a lot of hearts! Betsy .. oh Betsy. We never knew you were so confined. Of course there was a reason but still .. that seems like over-the-top reactions. Have you considered legal action ?? Or – war?

    But … hopefully all the group there will be back soon on an even keel with Bunns on top!!!!

  2. We only wish we could do more – we’ve lost enough furry friends of our own over the years to know the feeling all too well.

  3. It’s heartbreaking whenever one of our precious friends leaves us for good; you should rest easy knowing that Hans now has an endless supply of tasty fresh hay and wide open meadows to bounce through.
    ps: I’m in the process of adding quality rabbit blogs to my website and I would love to add yours, please email me!

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