Our Friend Hans is Gone

Our Internet-buddy Hans (from Furrybutts) is gone.


This makes us (and our dad and mum) very sad. Even though we never sniffed him, we still think of our Internet bun-friends the same as our we’ve-sniffed-your-butt friends.

We’re sending comforting and soothing thoughts to everyone back at Furrybutts (bunnies and humans included). Take care, guys.

With all our sympathies,

-Gus (and Betsy, and mum, and dad)

Gus's Newer Portrait





5 responses to “Our Friend Hans is Gone”

  1. The Bunns Avatar

    Boy .. we are BEHIND on your business there. We miss our buddy Hans too .. he captured a lot of hearts! Betsy .. oh Betsy. We never knew you were so confined. Of course there was a reason but still .. that seems like over-the-top reactions. Have you considered legal action ?? Or – war?

    But … hopefully all the group there will be back soon on an even keel with Bunns on top!!!!

  2. furrybutts Avatar

    Thanks for all your kind words. It really helps during these sad times.

  3. Keith Avatar

    We only wish we could do more – we’ve lost enough furry friends of our own over the years to know the feeling all too well.

  4. Andrew Avatar

    It’s heartbreaking whenever one of our precious friends leaves us for good; you should rest easy knowing that Hans now has an endless supply of tasty fresh hay and wide open meadows to bounce through.
    ps: I’m in the process of adding quality rabbit blogs to my website and I would love to add yours, please email me!

  5. rabbit Avatar

    Poor hans. He will be missed.