Goodbye, Hugo!

We learned this morning that our friend Hugo has gone to the rainbow bridge. It’s always hard to see one of our furry friends go away, but it’s especially hard when they look just like me!

We wanted to send nose bumps to Miss Eve and Hugo’s human, but dad tells me that you can’t send nose bumps via e-mail (something about “nose bumps can’t be base64 encoded,” whatever that means). So, Miss Eve and Hugo’s human, if you were here, we’d give you nose bumps.

We’ll miss you, Hugo, but we’ll see you again someday!!


Gus's Newer Portrait





2 responses to “Goodbye, Hugo!”

  1. furrybutts Avatar

    We miss Hugo too 🙁

  2. The Bunns Avatar

    Take your time going to see Hugo, Gus. Everybunn likes you around still.

    A white bunny is a thing of beauty, eh? Even our Zoey is pretty cute, and she isn’t even all white!