Goodbye, Tidbit, We’ll Miss You

Tidbit went to the rainbow bridge yesterday. Dad just told me about it.

What else can I say? Tidbit, we’ll miss you but we’ll see you again someday!!






4 responses to “Goodbye, Tidbit, We’ll Miss You”

  1. D.C. Moll Avatar

    We are sad and shocked and wrote a Bunhaiku for Tidbit, we didn’t know what else to do.
    -Tyler and Sydney

  2. The Bunns Avatar

    We stopped the 7-bunny-7 for the day. A nice long remembering for Tidbit. You look a lot like Tidbit, Gus!

  3. zinger Avatar

    nosebumps Gus and Betsy … it’s sad

  4. furrybutts Avatar

    We’ll miss you, Tidbit…