Author: Betsy

  • Follow Me

    C’mon, dad, follow me, the treats are over here… That’s right, now put the stupid camera down and GIVE ME TREATS!! -Betsy  

  • Busy Bunny

    I’ve been keeping myself busy and lately I’ve started exploring the rest of the house – finding all the best places to flop or take a nap and ways to sucker mum & dad into giving me more treats. Lounging beside the fireplace is a good place to spend the day – it’s a more […]

  • There’s ALWAYS a Bunny Under There

    Geez dad, you’d think you’d know the answer to this question by now – there’s always a bunny under there! -Betsy

  • Goodbye, Gus

    Gus suddenly wasn’t feeling good this weekend, and though mum & dad took him to the vet right away, Sunday morning he couldn’t get up very well and he was very cold – so I snuggled up to him to try and keep him warm. But mum & dad said it wasn’t enough, and he […]

  • Lies and Slander

    This is clearly some sort of computer-generated fakery; I would never sit still and let dad (of all people) pet me! -Betsy

  • Nothing to see here

    There’s nothing for you to see here, just move along and let me eat my pellets in peace! -Betsy

  • Behind Bars (Again)

    So, I’m in jail… again. Dad’s got me locked up in my area and isn’t letting me out (except for short and closely supervised time in the morning and evening). I’m innocent, though! I was framed! It was, uh, some other bunny who peed on the carpet, not me! What’s that? Mumm said she saw […]

  • Betsy’s Morning Face

    You don’t want to see my other faces – now bring me my breakfast!! -Betsy

  • New Year, Same Bunnies

    Betsy gives her New Year’s wishes for 2014.

  • Give Me Treats!!

    Hmm? What? Did you say treats? Treats! I want treats! Gimme gimme gimme. Ignore Gus, just give me some treats! -Betsy