Our Bunny Slave

Dad says he is our slave and has to do all this work in preparing our food for us. (Well, duh, obviously.)

Honestly I don’t see what the problem is – it doesn’t look like much work to me.

Though next time I’d prefer if he put that food in my bowl instead of storing it. In fact, just give it all to me!


betsy face closeup


betsy caught in the bedroom

I categorically deny that this is me or that I was trying to sneak into the bedroom where I’m not allowed.

But under the bed is so much fun! Why can’t I go in there??

Next time… next time…


betsy face closeup

Don’t Touch Me

I don’t care how cute I look – NO TOUCHING.

betsy in the sun

On the other hand, if you were to, say, put out a few treats for me, I might relax that rule… for just a little while, though.

Just sayin’.


betsy face closeup

Nothing To See Here

There is absolutely nothing to see here, and the bunny in this picture is not at all up to anything bad, nor is she thinking about chewing the carpet, the legs of your chairs, or anything else.

identity obscured for your protection

Also we have obscured the identity of this bunny so you have no idea who it is.




Any resemblance to any other bunny in this household is purely coincidental.


betsy face closeup

Ms. Bunny Manners

After eating a big meal (and scattering bits of it around the floor of course) it’s important to rest and relax, to allow time for digestion. This lets your host know that you found the meal… acceptable.

bunnies lounging

Needless to say, Gus and I are experts at this.


betsy face closeup

Eating Bunny-Style

Sometimes I like to enjoy my dinner bunny-style.

And by “bunny-style” I mean “pulling it out of the food bowl and onto the floor.”

betsy nomming on parsley

Dad doesn’t always appreciate this; but who cares what he thinks? (Not me!)


betsy face closeup