Our Bunny Slave

Dad says he is our slave and has to do all this work in preparing our food for us. (Well, duh, obviously.)

Honestly I don’t see what the problem is – it doesn’t look like much work to me.

Though next time I’d prefer if he put that food in my bowl instead of storing it. In fact, just give it all to me!


betsy face closeup


  1. When I buy greens at the store, I use paper towels to layer on the bottom and top of the containers. It keeps lettuces from going all rotten. Herbs, however, are tricky. Nothing I try keeps herbs from wilting after day one.

  2. Tupperware has some really nifty storage for veggies that keep them fresh long past the point you think they’d be off. Of course, me being the lazy sod I am, I would buy the organic spring mix, wash, dry and serve. 🙂

  3. Bet-Zee, I heard about your Butt Bath! The nerve of some parents, eh! But I hope your bottom is all shiny and pretty and fluffy again. Eat all your cecotropes, B, and you will have a happy butt without the bath!

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