Breakfast NOW, Please

Uh, yeah, hi dad, nice video work there, but could you put that down and give us breakfast now, please? Like… NOW, now?



betsy face closeup






5 responses to “Breakfast NOW, Please”

  1. brandi Avatar

    They are just cute. Hurry up and feed them, Dad. Can’t you see they are wasting away!

  2. Shadowydreamer Avatar

    There are bunnies starving in your living room, unloved, ignored, rejected.. without piles of lettuce and love.. Won’t you think of the bunnies?! Won’t someone think of the bunnies??!

    Poor abused bunnies..


  3. the bunns Avatar

    The Abused Bunny Police see that, boy someone is in trubble!

  4. speedyrabbit Avatar

    poor starving Bunnies …..feed the babies already…you’re in for some disapproval now!

  5. Mr. Mick (and Jade) Avatar

    Those camera thingies usually have a cord somewhere. I suggest giving said cord a good chomp. After all, if the foo’ humans won’t feed you, you’ve got to eat SOMETHING, right?