Rabbits and a Cat

I pointed dad to some comments made by Fiona bun, which led me to Diva Kitty and The Fluffies – another great rabbit (and cat) website! It seems like there are all these great rabbit websites out there – they’re just a little hard to find sometimes, unless you stumble upon them.

I especially liked the Meezer Bun Rules and the Terms & Glossary.

I was impressed that two bunnies could get along with a cat like that. My grandma’s cat just ignores us – he’s a big wuss!


Gus’s New Portrait


  1. yup – lots of good ones! i found you from rabbits’ guy’s house of rabbits!
    here mum has added us rabbits to her dogs – no cats. just trying to make dogs with very sharp teeth like us! she actually does fairly well.

  2. Why Gus! What is possibly NOT to like about a rabbit? Especially a fine fellow such as yourself?

    Do you know Archi Ann? You are a bit like her … kind of eh … let’s say … outspoken! Straightforward. Blunt. To the point.

    Our bunns get a bit of bread and fruit for a breakfast treat and a salad of greens and a bit of fruit at night, and then lots of hay and about 1/2 cup or so of pellets, depending on their size. About 1 tsp of oats on their pellets in the afternoon.

  3. I can’t stand cats. My previous owner exposed me to cats and it was not a very good experience. Mom rescued me from a shelter where they put the bunnies with the cats. The other bunnies did not seem to mind, but it was not for me. I still get scared when I hear anything that sounds like cat sounds.

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