(Wild) Rabbits, Rabbits, Everywhere!

Mum and dad went for a walk yesterday to some place called “Watchung,” and they said they saw a whole bunch of our wild cousins – including some babies! Dad was particularly impressed, because they were right out in the open in a grass field, with humans and cars (well, a parking lot) nearby. He said he was impressed that they felt safe enough to come out where people were and where the cars were, what with all the weird smells.

They also saw our local wild cousin just outside our house the other day, too. It seems like there are rabbits everywhere around here!

I’m just glad they all seem to be doing so well! I hope to meet them some day!


Rabbits and a Cat

I pointed dad to some comments made by Fiona bun, which led me to Diva Kitty and The Fluffies – another great rabbit (and cat) website! It seems like there are all these great rabbit websites out there – they’re just a little hard to find sometimes, unless you stumble upon them.

I especially liked the Meezer Bun Rules and the Terms & Glossary.

I was impressed that two bunnies could get along with a cat like that. My grandma’s cat just ignores us – he’s a big wuss!


Gus’s New Portrait

Five Bunnies

Dad found a new rabbit blog this morning called usagi gohiki, which apparently means “5 rabbits” in one of the way-too-many human languages. All I can say is that I’m glad to see Betsy’s not the only rabbit who does the “dead bunny” pose when she sleeps!


Gus’s New Portrait

I Can’t Believe I Never Found This Before

I can’t believe I never found this before. Or, rather, that my dad & mum never found this before. It’s a show called “Rabbit Bites.” It has two rabbits who sort of look like Betsy and I – one lop, and one regular bunny (but not white). It’s very, very funny! I enjoyed watching all the past episodes over the weekend with my dad.

Oh, and my dad said something about it being easier to watch the episodes in “iTunes?” I dunno. I just love watching other bunnies on TV!


Gus’s Portrait