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  • (Wild) Rabbits, Rabbits, Everywhere!

    Mum and dad went for a walk yesterday to some place called “Watchung,” and they said they saw a whole bunch of our wild cousins – including some babies! Dad was particularly impressed, because they were right out in the open in a grass field, with humans and cars (well, a parking lot) nearby. He […]

  • Rabbits and a Cat

    I pointed dad to some comments made by Fiona bun, which led me to Diva Kitty and The Fluffies – another great rabbit (and cat) website! It seems like there are all these great rabbit websites out there – they’re just a little hard to find sometimes, unless you stumble upon them. I especially liked […]

  • Five Bunnies

    Dad found a new rabbit blog this morning called usagi gohiki, which apparently means “5 rabbits” in one of the way-too-many human languages. All I can say is that I’m glad to see Betsy’s not the only rabbit who does the “dead bunny” pose when she sleeps! -Gus

  • I Can’t Believe I Never Found This Before

    I can’t believe I never found this before. Or, rather, that my dad & mum never found this before. It’s a show called “Rabbit Bites.” It has two rabbits who sort of look like Betsy and I – one lop, and one regular bunny (but not white). It’s very, very funny! I enjoyed watching all […]