(Wild) Rabbits, Rabbits, Everywhere!

Mum and dad went for a walk yesterday to some place called “Watchung,” and they said they saw a whole bunch of our wild cousins – including some babies! Dad was particularly impressed, because they were right out in the open in a grass field, with humans and cars (well, a parking lot) nearby. He said he was impressed that they felt safe enough to come out where people were and where the cars were, what with all the weird smells.

They also saw our local wild cousin just outside our house the other day, too. It seems like there are rabbits everywhere around here!

I’m just glad they all seem to be doing so well! I hope to meet them some day!



  1. My bipeds keep talking about these “wild” rabbits, too! I’m jealous because while I’m stuck in bunny jail, they’re over a thousand miles away admiring these “wild” rabbits!

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