The Importance of Good Grooming

Grooming is very important – especially if you’re a bunny.

gus doing some grooming

You need to groom all the way down your sides.

gus washing his foot

And don’t forget to groom the bottom of your feet!

gus napping under the dining room table

Of course, after doing all that grooming it is perfectly acceptable to take a nap. Grooming is hard work, after all!


gus portrait

Nothing To See Here

There is absolutely nothing to see here, and the bunny in this picture is not at all up to anything bad, nor is she thinking about chewing the carpet, the legs of your chairs, or anything else.

identity obscured for your protection

Also we have obscured the identity of this bunny so you have no idea who it is.




Any resemblance to any other bunny in this household is purely coincidental.


betsy face closeup

Just Checking…

Oh, hi dad…


Don’t mind me – I’m just checking to make sure your pants aren’t secretly made of treats.

(It turns out they weren’t – but I’m glad I checked.)


gus portrait

It’s not “begging,” it’s DEMANDING

Dad (and mum) say we beg for treats too much. But they’re wrong – we don’t beg for treats… we DEMAND treats!

And sometimes, just to liven things up, we make our demands from the other side of the kitchen (to keep mum and dad on their toes).

gus and betsy begging for treats by the front kitchen door

C’mon dad, put the camera down and give us some treats.

gus and betsy would like some treats now, please

Time to give the bunnies treats, dad.

gus does not approve of the lack of treats

…You’re… not going to give us treats, are you?

gus is surprised by the continued lack of treats

I don’t even know what to say to this. Betsy’s so mad about the lack of treats that she’s thinking about leaving right through the front door. Look what you’ve done to her, dad! All because you didn’t give us treats!

gus has had enough of this

This is a disgrace. I’m out of here….

trying their luck at treat begging on the other side of the kitchen

…No, wait, maybe we’ll have better luck from the other side of the kitchen. Hi dad! Did you miss us? I know it’s only been like 10 seconds, but… GIVE US TREATS!

this time betsy takes the lead in begging for treats

You tell him, Betsy. Give him… THE STARE.

betsy in a staring contest with the camera

…The stare isn’t working, is it?

betsy gives up

Even Betsy is shocked by this outrageous lack of treats dispensed on our command.

gus does some self-grooming

That’s it, dad, you’re in my bad book now. I’m going to ignore you and your stupid camera and just groom myself to take my mind off of how horrible it is that you didn’t give us treats when we demanded it (for the 10th time this morning). Just who do you think you are, anyway?



I Find Your Lack of Treats… Disturbing

Dad came by while I was lurking behind the chair in his office. I think he wanted to take a picture of me while I was sleeping, but we can’t let him do what he wants, now, can we?

gus comes out of the darkness (looking for treats of course)

So I came up to him. After all, maybe he had some treats?

gus inquires as to the lack of treats

You… DO have treats, right dad?

gus disapproves of the lack of treats

I disapprove of the lack of treats.

gus says - you better have treats next time

Ugh, what a waste of my time. Next time, you’d better have treats!


Bunny Enlightenment

Dad doesn’t understand why I hang out by our Buddha statute sometimes.

gus and the buddah, again

I told him he’ll never reach bunny enlightenment with that sort of attitude.



Not Up To Anything

What’s that dad? You think we’re up to something? I don’t know what you’re talking about.

betsy under the table, up to no good

Nope, Gus isn’t up to anything either.

gus lurking in the dining room at night

Nothing suspicious here, dad. I’m absolutely not eying your table legs. Just move along, there’s nothing to see.

betsy peeks out from behind the table leg