Distracting Dad

Gus was taking a nap in the (freshly cleaned) litter box last night, so I took a turn at being the “guard bunny.” But then dad showed up with his camera.

gus napping, betsy guardingGus was asleep and I didn’t want dad to wake him up, so I selflessly took it upon myself to distract him…

betsy begging 1…By begging for treats.

betsy begging 2Hi dad, got any treats for me? (I am very lady-like with my begging; do you see how I gracefully cross my paws when I stand up on my hind legs?)

gus sleeps through it allMy plan worked – Gus was able to keep sleeping without being disturbed by dad.

(I may also have gotten some treats out of the deal.)



  1. Such selfless behavior should be rewarded, Betsy! (And you look devastatingly cute standing on your hind legs with your paws crossed!)

  2. Benji has that cross-yur-paws begging down good too. Has Gus been informed of your selfless efforts and his missing out on the treats ???? Hmmmmm????

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