Clean Litterbox Day: An Acquired Taste

Enjoying Clean Litterbox day like I do is a bit of an acquired taste. Betsy, for example, just doesn’t quite get it.

betsy in the litter box

Whereas I, on the other hand, take every opportunity to enjoy Clean Litterbox Day to the fullest.

gus in the litter boxOn a related note, I like this new litter dad is switching over to. It’s white, just like me – maybe next Clean Litterbox Day I’ll be able to hide in the litterbox and dad won’t be able to see me! That would be great.



Distracting Dad

Gus was taking a nap in the (freshly cleaned) litter box last night, so I took a turn at being the “guard bunny.” But then dad showed up with his camera.

gus napping, betsy guardingGus was asleep and I didn’t want dad to wake him up, so I selflessly took it upon myself to distract him…

betsy begging 1…By begging for treats.

betsy begging 2Hi dad, got any treats for me? (I am very lady-like with my begging; do you see how I gracefully cross my paws when I stand up on my hind legs?)

gus sleeps through it allMy plan worked – Gus was able to keep sleeping without being disturbed by dad.

(I may also have gotten some treats out of the deal.)


A Litterbox for Two

Dad cleaned our litter box today – and you know what that means, right? Clean litter box day!!

Too bad Betsy got in there before me…

betsy and gus - sharing the litter box …ah well. There’s plenty of room for us both, and a clean litter box is best when shared, right?

Now, move over a bit, Betsy!


Clean Litterbox = Nap Time

Dad cleaned my litterbox today, which means it’s time to take a nap!

gus napping on his side in his litterbox

Ahhhh, there’s nothing like a clean litterbox!

gus takes a nap in his clean litterbox

I can just relax… well, almost. I need to keep one ear out (up) because dad is nearby, hovering over me with his stupid camera.

betsy with one leg sticking out Betsy says she doesn’t understand why I love laying in a clean litterbox. She doesn’t know what she’s missing out on.