Not Begging

Mum and dad were away for a week, and honestly the replacement help was… acceptable.

But when mum and dad came back, I decided to let them know that I think we need more treats.

gus begging

Dad says I was “begging” but I prefer to think of this as “commanding.”

Today, dad had a box of Kashi crackers in his hand. I decided he was being too slow in opening them, so I tried to grab the whole box out of his hands. Unfortunately he was holding on pretty tight, so all I got was the lid.

kashi cracker box after bunny attack

Although I didn’t get the box, I did surprise dad quite a bit, which was pretty nice. It’s always good to remind him of how strong I am – it puts him in his place.



  1. Wow–“acceptable” help–what a surprising and wonderful thing! It’s always good to remind people that just because you’re smallish, you’re not a pushover. Maybe next time you could get the bottom of the box, then you could get to the cracker bag and carry it off to parts unknown.

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