Why no treats?

why haven't you fed me yet?

Got any treats?

got any treats?

C’mon, gimmie treats!

gimmie treats


let me out

…Have I mentioned that I really like treats? If you have any, you’d better give them to me!



Oh, what’s that dad? You’ve got a treat for me? A bit of apple? Yes, I’ll take that now please:

sharing some apple with gus


giving gus some apple


What, that’s all? No more? Meh, then I’m done with you.

gus with his bum against the leg of a plant stand


gus portrait

Don’t Touch Me

I don’t care how cute I look – NO TOUCHING.

betsy in the sun

On the other hand, if you were to, say, put out a few treats for me, I might relax that rule… for just a little while, though.

Just sayin’.


betsy face closeup

It’s not “begging,” it’s DEMANDING

Dad (and mum) say we beg for treats too much. But they’re wrong – we don’t beg for treats… we DEMAND treats!

And sometimes, just to liven things up, we make our demands from the other side of the kitchen (to keep mum and dad on their toes).

gus and betsy begging for treats by the front kitchen door

C’mon dad, put the camera down and give us some treats.

gus and betsy would like some treats now, please

Time to give the bunnies treats, dad.

gus does not approve of the lack of treats

…You’re… not going to give us treats, are you?

gus is surprised by the continued lack of treats

I don’t even know what to say to this. Betsy’s so mad about the lack of treats that she’s thinking about leaving right through the front door. Look what you’ve done to her, dad! All because you didn’t give us treats!

gus has had enough of this

This is a disgrace. I’m out of here….

trying their luck at treat begging on the other side of the kitchen

…No, wait, maybe we’ll have better luck from the other side of the kitchen. Hi dad! Did you miss us? I know it’s only been like 10 seconds, but… GIVE US TREATS!

this time betsy takes the lead in begging for treats

You tell him, Betsy. Give him… THE STARE.

betsy in a staring contest with the camera

…The stare isn’t working, is it?

betsy gives up

Even Betsy is shocked by this outrageous lack of treats dispensed on our command.

gus does some self-grooming

That’s it, dad, you’re in my bad book now. I’m going to ignore you and your stupid camera and just groom myself to take my mind off of how horrible it is that you didn’t give us treats when we demanded it (for the 10th time this morning). Just who do you think you are, anyway?



One-Track Mind

Dad came into our area the other day, so I popped up to say hello. (And also to see if he had any treats for me.)

betsy pops up So, hey, dad, got any treats?

betsy around the corner of the box Hmmm? Any treats?

What do you mean, “I have a one-track mind?”

You’re not making any sense. Come back when you have more treats.


It’s International Rabbit Day; Give Us Some Treats

Today is International Rabbit Day. Wait, isn’t every day “rabbit day” around here?

And does this mean we get more treats today?

any treats hereAre there any treats over here?

hi dad, where are the treatsHey, dad… where are my treats? Don’t you know what day it is?

why aren't you giving me treatsNo treats? I’m… very disappointed in you, dad.

are these shoes treatsLook at poor Betsy, dad. She wants a treat. Won’t you give her (and me) one? I think it’d be in your best interest. If Betsy doesn’t get a treat, she might start hungerly eyeing mum’s shoes, if you know what I mean…

no treatsC’mon dad, how can you say no to us?

I'm over youOh, now you’ve done it. Betsy says “I’m over you, dad.” You’ve been snubbed.

I’ll tell you what, dad… it’s a whole day event here. There had better be some more treats for us by the end of the day. That’s all I’m saying.

Happy International Rabbit Day to everyone else…


Not Begging

Mum and dad were away for a week, and honestly the replacement help was… acceptable.

But when mum and dad came back, I decided to let them know that I think we need more treats.

gus begging

Dad says I was “begging” but I prefer to think of this as “commanding.”

Today, dad had a box of Kashi crackers in his hand. I decided he was being too slow in opening them, so I tried to grab the whole box out of his hands. Unfortunately he was holding on pretty tight, so all I got was the lid.

kashi cracker box after bunny attack

Although I didn’t get the box, I did surprise dad quite a bit, which was pretty nice. It’s always good to remind him of how strong I am – it puts him in his place.


Not the BunnyCam – Just a Regular Camera

Dad’s a big dope. He forgot to turn on the bunnycam today. Not that I would notice, since lately I’ve been spending my days out in our area, instead of in dad’s office (I need a break from Gus constantly trying to get me to groom him). But Gus told me about it. So, if you were looking forward to watching the bunnycam and watching Gus sleep all day long, blame dad. It’s all his fault.

Then, at the end of the day, he came out and cleaned my area – and I was not happy! I worked really hard to mess it up just the way I like it! How dare he clean it all up!

Just to show dad how mad I was, I didn’t even leave the area as he cleaned. I stayed there – even when he ran the loud vacuum cleaner. I think he knows I wasn’t happy, because he finished quickly and put out a big bowl of nice, fresh hay. (I waited until he wasn’t looking to come over and eat it, of course – can’t have him thinking that I appreciate what he did!)

Then dad came out and took some pictures – but he took them from the same spot he normally sits to give us treats. So, naturally, I came up for a look.

betsy is suspicious of the cameraDo you have any treats, dad?

betsy wants to know if there are any treats forthcomingPlease tell me you’ve got some treats there.

betsy doesn't think there are any treatsBut dad tricked me. He had no treats – just his silly beeping camera.

one last check for treatsI am not amused, dad.

betsy keeps a close eye out in case she missed some treatsI was not happy. Not happy at all.

betsy sits down disappointed there are no treatsTricking me like that is not very nice.

the look of disapproval from betsyHow could you trick me like that?

betsy says how could you not give me treatsI told dad I was not happy with him. Then I decided the best way to teach him a lesson was to ignore him.

betsy doing some grooming

Ignore him and spend some time grooming myself, of course.

betsy does not appreciate the flashBut then dad fired that silly flash thing on his camera. I don’t appreciate the flash in my eyes, dad!!

gus does not appreciate the flash eitherGus doesn’t like the flash either, dad. Why don’t you turn it off?

more betsy groomingThat’s better. Now stay there while I ignore you.

ultimate disapprovalThen, to finish things off, I flopped down and gave him my most intense stare of disapproval.

He left just after that. I think he learned his lesson.