Lounging with Dad

As we all know, I lead a very busy life. Because of this, I need to take frequent breaks… which I take whenever I want to, wherever I happen to be at the time.

Like, say, right next to dad’s desk, while he’s hard at work:

gus lounging in my office

“Don’t mind me, dad, I’m just taking a quick nap. You keep working though.”


10 thoughts on “Lounging with Dad

  1. Nicole

    Aw, what a floppy bunny! Nothing like a good nap. I can’t believe Gus can be trusted with books so close by! He must be a very good bun 🙂 (I do realize he’s supervised in the office, it’s just Frank can never be allowed near books even while under supervision … which has proven difficult for our book club!)

  2. Keithius

    If you look closely at the picture, you can see the nibble marks that prove that neither Gus nor Betsy can be trusted near books – or DVDs, as is the case here! (This is also why all books – and DVDs – are on the 2nd or higher shelf; not that this stops them!)

  3. Katie

    Napping is very important and it’s a good idea to do it near your Dad so he can see that you are napping and unavailable for chatting. Although wouldn’t it be more comfortable on the floofy chair?

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