For Bunny Sake Rabbit Rescue

My dad tells me that the For Bunny Sake Rabbit Rescue organization is actually kind of near where I live.

Dad also tells me that they are trying to raise money to build a permanent shelter & education site for rabbits – I think this is a Good Idea.

So, if you can (and I know you can), please give them a donation – even a small one would help. It’s super-easy – you can donate with PayPal on their website (you have to scroll down a bit), or donate via check or even just drop off supplies that they need!

So, c’mon. Help them out. If you do, I promise to… not disapprove of your very existence (for a little while, anyway).



  1. So Gus, did you give up some of your carrot-spending money? I hope you are a good boy and are leading by example

  2. Mummy, don’t be silly. It wasn’t *my* carrot-spending money; it was dad’s money. But he’s our slave so he does what I tell him to do.

  3. The 28th is my actual birthday – DKM got to see me the day I was born and the day Orlando was born. His birthday is March 28th.

  4. Very cool!!! I will force dad to put your birthdays in his calendar so he remembers to wish you a happy bunny birthday every year. I will force him to do this by nibbling at his feet. (It is very effective.)

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