Oh No, Not Brushing

Dad says I need to be brushed again – he says I’m getting a little “frizzy.”

smooshed gus

Well, ok, I guess he’s right about the “getting frizzy” part, but do I really, really need to be brushed? Isn’t there another way?


smooshed gus closeup

Oh bother.


Gus's Newer Portrait


  1. My rabbit doesn’t much like brushings either. What kind of brush do you use? I’m always curious about what other people do. Lately I’ve been using a technique my vet recommended: rubber dishwashing gloves. They do a quick and thorough, albeit — unlike what the vet said (that the fur would gather up on the gloves for easy disposal) — messy job. (Maybe I got the wrong kind of gloves?)

  2. I use 3 different kinds of brushes:

    1 – The kind of fine brush that you get for cats (very fine, bristles are curved at the end)

    2 – A regular soft brush (like a small hairbrush) with dense bristles

    3 – A very, very, very fine metal-toothed brush which is I think called the “furminator” which I use very gently to get rid of very fine hairs (especially useful for Gus, who’s fur is very fine) – my vet uses this brush as well.

    I had never thought about the rubber dishwashing gloves, perhaps I will give that a try sometime (I’m sure Gus will disapprove just the same though).

  3. Ooh brushing is not fun, I agree! Maybe if you get some treats afterwards you could bear it? (Maybe you’ll even want to be brushed on a daily basis then!! 😛 )

  4. I must go and get a new brush and a comb – Miss Eve is easy to de-fur, hers is sticking out in chunks and I just pull it out and then give her a back massage, she loves it… Problem is Neville….he sheds from everywhere and he really needs a brush. Thankfully, the moulting time is over. For now.

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