Shedding Season

I guess it should come as no surprise to anyone that since it’s getting on towards summertime now, Betsy and I have been shedding a bit.

The downside to this (and the reason why Betsy and I try to hide our shedding for as long as we can) is that dad notices us looking a little “scruffy” and … picks us up and brushes us!

gus after being brushed

Oh the HORROR!

gus and his pile of brushed fur

Oh the INDIGNITY! Oh, wait, it’s all over for me now. I guess I wasn’t shedding too bad, but then again dad DID brush me last week as well.

Betsy, on the other hand, did not get off so lucky.

betsy after being brushed

Betsy is really good at hiding her shedding, so when it starts to show, you know it’s going to be pretty bad. But honestly even I was amazed at how much fur dad brushed off of her!

betsy and her pile of fur

Dad’s cruel instruments of torture grooming can be seen clearly in these pictures.

betsy and her pile of fur from above

Dad said you could almost make a whole other bunny with the fur he brushed off of Betsy. I’m not so sure though; we bunnies have LOTS of fur!!

betsy would like to go back inside now

Betsy hates brushing time as much as anyone, but then again, Betsy tends to hate everything. Dad sometimes calls her an “emo bunny” because of the dark marks around her eyes (and the way she disapproves of everything – she’s a disaproval MASTER).

But in this picture, I think Betsy just wants to go back inside. All that brushing is rough going for such pampered bunnies as us!!

In the end of course, I got a papaya tablet from dad (which I didn’t eat until he was out of sight, of course – can’t let him think I appreciate the treat after such treatment) and Betsy got a cracker from mum (mum never picks us up, she’s so good). So it wasn’t a total loss… I guess.

I wonder how other buns are doing with this weather – is it making you shed, too? And if so, how do you hide it?


Gus's Newer Portrait

Oh No, Not Brushing

Dad says I need to be brushed again – he says I’m getting a little “frizzy.”

smooshed gus

Well, ok, I guess he’s right about the “getting frizzy” part, but do I really, really need to be brushed? Isn’t there another way?


smooshed gus closeup

Oh bother.


Gus's Newer Portrait