Betsy and her Tube

I’m not a big fan of the tube, but Betsy really likes it – she likes to run through it, and also to toss it around our area at night.

Sometimes, though, I don’t understand what she’s doing with it.

betsy likes her tube the way it is, thank you

Dad tried helping me out by moving the tube, but Betsy just tossed it back.

I guess she just… liked it there?


Gus's Newer Portrait


  1. I love my worm holes, um tubes, since they are the fastest way to get up and down the hallways. Plus if you are lucky, there are currents hiding in the worm hole.

  2. I like my green tube too, although I have to chin it every evening, as I keep on smelling some other bun on it. Miss Eve says it must be Hugo – he used to be a chinner too.

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