Weird Looks

Sometimes I like to sit and stare at dad. He says I sometimes look at him funny, too. Sitting and staring at dad really unnerves him; it’s great fun, I think everyone should try it.

gus with a weird look After a while dad tends to get a little paranoid. As I said, it’s a great game to play, I love it.

In this picture, after dad took the photo, he said he thought I looked like I was trying to set him on fire with my mind.

I will neither confirm nor deny that, dad.


Betsy and her Tube

I’m not a big fan of the tube, but Betsy really likes it – she likes to run through it, and also to toss it around our area at night.

Sometimes, though, I don’t understand what she’s doing with it.

betsy likes her tube the way it is, thank you

Dad tried helping me out by moving the tube, but Betsy just tossed it back.

I guess she just… liked it there?


Gus's Newer Portrait