1. It probably doesn’t feel much different than leaning up against a wall and has the added bonus of luring people into thinking they can easily pet you, but, instead, they wind up getting a vicious snubbing.

  2. The more we look, the more we can’t figure out how you got your fur to stick out like that. Once again you are a sterling role-model for all of us here at The House!

  3. Cage bars are great for fluffing the fur so you can get a little air on the skin underneath. I do it every so often, preferably when my humans are out; if I do it when they’re home, they get all ooh-and-ah and try to pet me through the bars. Most annoying.

  4. You look like you’re on a monorail! But you definitely do look comfortable – maybe you should suggest that your Dad try sleeping that way too – then he’ll see how good it is!

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