Watching Dad

gus staring at dad

It creeps dad out when I sit behind him in his office and just stare at him. He’ll turn around and say “Gus, what are you doing?”

If I really want to freak him out, I don’t say anything. But I always think of things I could say:

  • “I’m plotting your inevitable demise.”
  • “Setting you on fire… with my mind!”
  • “Wondering why you haven’t fed me yet, and how to properly punish you for this transgression.”



  1. GUS! For gosh sakes. You JUST get out of “jail” and there you go, plotting trouble again. Next trip to the slammer might be worse.

  2. Yes, and my Mommy has been on the stoopid pootur ALL DAY and left me alone for hours… unsupervised BWAHAHAHA!!!

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