Tag: rabbit behavior

  • The Stages of Disapproval

    First stage – disapproval from a distance: Second stage – indifference: Third stage – annoyance: Fourth and final stage – absolute disdain: Warning: exposure to high intensity rabbit disapproval may be hazardous to your health, and may cause small electronic devices to spontaneously explode. -Gus

  • We’re Out!

    Mummy let us out this morning – finally! I was getting SO BORED being cooped up in that area. Betsy and I did a bunch of binkies! Still, we didn’t get our morning treats – so I guess mum hasn’t totally forgiven us yet. Dad says we’re on “probation.” So we’ve got to watch ourselves. […]

  • Exploring the Dining Room (Again)

    It’s just a fun place to be! Until dad shows up with his camera. Dad, what ARE you doing? Betsy wonders the same thing, but from a safe distance. Watch out Betsy – dad’s watching! Time to settle down for a bit. Maybe dad will leave us alone if we just sit really still. Yep, […]

  • Do the (Bunny) Twist

    Dad often marvels at how my feet can stick out sideways while the front of me is straight on. I guess it’s just one of my many talents as a rabbit! -Gus

  • Guard Rabbit

    Yesterday I was laying outside of dad’s office, guarding it. Dad was too scared to come out of his office with ME there! So I gave him some concentrated “rabbit disapproval.” You didn’t give me enough treats today, dad… therefore, YOU SUCK! Later I found dad slumped over in his chair shivering… I guess I […]

  • Semi-Shredded Cardboard Thing

    Believe me, it’s a lot of fun to chew and rip! -Gus

  • Watching Dad

    It creeps dad out when I sit behind him in his office and just stare at him. He’ll turn around and say “Gus, what are you doing?” If I really want to freak him out, I don’t say anything. But I always think of things I could say: “I’m plotting your inevitable demise.” “Setting you […]