The Stages of Disapproval

First stage – disapproval from a distance:

gus is sooky

Second stage – indifference:

gus sooky

Third stage – annoyance:

gus is not amused

Fourth and final stage – absolute disdain:

sooky gus

Warning: exposure to high intensity rabbit disapproval may be hazardous to your health, and may cause small electronic devices to spontaneously explode.


Gus's Newer Portrait

We’re Out!

Mummy let us out this morning – finally! I was getting SO BORED being cooped up in that area. Betsy and I did a bunch of binkies!

Still, we didn’t get our morning treats – so I guess mum hasn’t totally forgiven us yet. Dad says we’re on “probation.” So we’ve got to watch ourselves.

Dad also said that when he goes out to the carpet store today, we might be put back under lockdown, because he said he can’t trust us anymore.


I guess I’d better make an effort to soften them up by looking extra cute… maybe I’ll jump up on the couch and say “hi” to mummy? She’ll like that, right?


Exploring the Dining Room (Again)

It’s just a fun place to be!

gus in the dining room

Until dad shows up with his camera.

gus looks into the camera

Dad, what ARE you doing?

gus closeup

Betsy wonders the same thing, but from a safe distance.

betsy settles on the other side of the table

Watch out Betsy – dad’s watching!

betsy is wary of the camera

Time to settle down for a bit. Maybe dad will leave us alone if we just sit really still.

gus and betsy through the underside of the dining room table

Yep, it worked!


Guard Rabbit

Yesterday I was laying outside of dad’s office, guarding it.

guarding dad's office

Dad was too scared to come out of his office with ME there!

you dissapoint me

So I gave him some concentrated “rabbit disapproval.”

gus says - you suck

You didn’t give me enough treats today, dad… therefore, YOU SUCK!

Later I found dad slumped over in his chair shivering… I guess I may have laid on the disapproval a little too heavy, so I came in and talked him out of his slump.

hanging out in dad's office

It’s OK dad. Just don’t let it happen again, OK? Treats at 7:30am sharp next time, got it?

I must be going soft in my old age.


Watching Dad

gus staring at dad

It creeps dad out when I sit behind him in his office and just stare at him. He’ll turn around and say “Gus, what are you doing?”

If I really want to freak him out, I don’t say anything. But I always think of things I could say:

  • “I’m plotting your inevitable demise.”
  • “Setting you on fire… with my mind!”
  • “Wondering why you haven’t fed me yet, and how to properly punish you for this transgression.”