Book Meme

Dad says we have to do another meme that Lola tagged us with – something to do with “books.”

Dad said, “this is going to be tricky.” I asked him why, and he just pointed to his bookshelf, which I had never really looked closely at.

programming books


cookbooks and other reference books

Yeah, now I see what you mean, dad.



I asked him if it could be the closest book to “us,” which would make it the phone book Betsy was chewing on this morning. He said that probably wasn’t in the spirit of the meme. I suppose he was right.

He said, “technically, the closest book to me is this concept car book – but it’s all pictures!” (Dad likes cars.) “And no one would want me to quote 3 sentences out of IBM PC Assembly Language, COBOL – A Structured Approach, or Programming Microsoft Visual C++ (Fifth Edition). All these cookbooks are no good. And the next nearest book to you two… doesn’t have 123 pages in it!”

So I pointed to a book that had a picture of a rabbit on the front (I figure, why not?). After looking at it for a moment, dad nodded and said “I think that might just work, Gus.”

So here’s my 3 sentences from the 123 page (5th sentence in) of Rabbits for Dummies:

Rabbits can be spayed or neutered as soon as they reach reproductive maturity: about 4 months of age or later. Females should be spayed before two years of age to lessen the chance of developing uterine cancer. (See Chapter 13 for more on that topic.)

Errr… not very interesting, is it? Maybe we should have gone with one of dad’s books, instead. Oh dad, you and your crazy reading habits!







4 responses to “Book Meme”

  1. archi ann Avatar

    cool!!! thanks for keeping the meme going and actually that’s a good quote for those who don’t know they should have their buns get that pesky surgery! thanks! mum confesses that she didn’t pic the “closest book” either – it would have been her church directory or the llama books on programming perl ;-p

  2. Keith Avatar

    Still, it would’ve been fun to quote something out of “Stand Back, Said the Elephant, I’m going to Sneeze,” or “Runny Babbot,” or any one of the various random books in my shelf. Sadly they were all on the far side, away from me!

  3. Rabbits' Guy Avatar

    Structured Cobol .. that would have been a hoot. But you could not “Go To” it! Ha Ha Ha ……….

  4. lola Avatar

    We think it was an excellent choice! 🙂