Aaaww Dad

So just after Mummy returns and Betsy and I think life is back to normal, Dad goes and leaves us! I went and sat beside Dad’s side of the bed looking for him this morning, but Mum said he is going to be away for a few days visiting friends.

I don’t know what to do – I mean, Mum is good and all, but I miss Dad’s ear rubs.

I flipped my bunny-fort to show my displeasure.

Maybe Betsy and I should take a holiday for a few days so they miss us too …



  1. We dunno Gus … Holidays and vacations do not do us well … we HATE to travel. Maybe just try to make the best of it and be sure to find some things to show your displeasure …

  2. That’s just not right! You just get one back and the other one leaves! You were right to show your displeasure via your bunny-fort! Sometimes a bunn just has to take a stand.

  3. Well gee whiz! That’s almost as bad as being left alone for an evening while the proimates go off for a few hours. I hate that! -Sammy

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