I Got Brushed

The other day, dad trapped me in his office and grabbed me and picked me up… and brushed me.

Although I hate being picked up, this brushing/grooming thing isn’t so bad once you get used to it. Dad said I looked like a homeless bunny because I was so shaggy. I dunno about that, dad.

Betsy did say that I looked quite handsome afterwards, but I think she was just grateful that she didn’t get picked up, too.


Gus’s New Portrait


  1. Holy Bunns, Gus! Does this mean you put your dad back in the doghouse? I need a good brushing, too cos my molting butt looks funky. No Way! Mom can use her hands for all I care! Harrumph!

  2. I don’t think homeless is a thing to worry about Gus. But you do need to keep your looks up. I see you are getting some mail from Lola and she is a top-notch lop you know!!!!

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