In the Bedroom… Closet

It’s no secret that Betsy and I love getting into the bedroom. But lately we’ve found an even better place – the bedroom closet.

Mom keeps something she calls a “shoe tree” or “shoe forest” in there – I don’t know why, it’s not real trees or anything – but it is dark and there are narrow passages and it’s the perfect place to hide!

The first day we got in there, mom and dad couldn’t find us! We heard them searching all around the house for us, looking and looking, until finally mom spotted us.

The last time we got in, dad took these photos:

heading in

I must admit that it was Betsy who first discovered this great hiding place.

double trouble

I followed her in quickly.


Aw drat, I’ve been spotted!

hidden bunny

Dad says I’m actually very hard to see when I’m in there.

So now whenever we get into the bedroom (which is rare) I always go and check to see if the closet door is open. Unfortunately the last few times we’ve been able to sneak in, it’s been closed. Oh well – our time will come!


Gus’s New Portrait


  1. Gus … you go good with so many colors! But .. you and Betsy behave in there .. those shoes don’t grow on trees you know … oh wait … uh … er …

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