A Busy Weekend

So, on Saturday my parents told me they’d be gone for the night to someplace called “New Jersey.” Well, lo and behold, no one was here to give me my treats Sunday morning. So in retaliation I ripped up one part of the new “bunny fort” that they’d set up for us. I also tipped over a bowl of pellets, and asked Betsy to really get into destroying that phone book they left out for us.

Sunday afternoon my dad came home and saw the destruction, but he wasn’t mad. Though he did notice that my fur is a bit ruffled from all that work – and I think it’s shedding season (again). So that night he grabbed me (!!!) and took me out on the porch. I was a bit upset at being picked up, but when he started to groom me with his hands, brushing off all the extra fur, I sort of relaxed. It was actually quite enjoyable – like a bunny massage! So, for my part, I forgave him for missing my treats that one morning. Just don’t let it happen again, dad!


Gus’s Portrait

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  1. Mom just did the loose hair pull on me, too, this week. I did not forgive her even after she gave me lots of treats.

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