MAJOR Grooming

The other day my mom and dad closed off the bedroom door and grabbed Betsy and gave her some serious brushing. She wasn’t too happy about it (she still won’t use the computer, she’s too scared), but when they were done with her, she looked a lot better.

Of course, then they grabbed me. I hate being picked up, but the grooming was kind of nice – I do feel better. This whole spring-time shedding of my winter coat thing is kind of getting old, at this point. So to show my appreciation, I jumped back up on the couch a little bit later and gave my mom and dad some attention. I know they just love it when I come up and visit them. They’re so easy to please.


Gus’s Portrait






2 responses to “MAJOR Grooming”

  1. Rosie Avatar

    My roommate, Pierre, told me about your site. Yes, grooming isn’t fun, but it does feel a lot better afterwards. Pierre looks funny sometimes because some of his fur comes off in sections and he gets what looks like a skirt. Some of my housemates look kind of funny, too, after Mom brushes us. Dad is too chicken to groom us.

  2. Gus Avatar

    With my parents, it’s the other way around – my mom is too scared to pick us up and groom us or clip our nails. My dad always has to do it.